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All the help you need on your journey through illness

Your journey from diagnosis to treatment and beyond is stressful enough, without the anxiety of having to find your way through the complicated maze of our healthcare system.

All too often, we see people with complex medical conditions being shuttled between specialists who don’t listen, don’t communicate and don’t research your problems or give you a proper diagnosis.

We’re here to change that.

At Patient Navigator, we’re not just here to help you get access to the very best care and treatment available to you, we’re also here to help you master the learning curve quickly and become your own best advocate.

We’ll give you all of the tools you’ll need to understand the healthcare system and communicate effectively with your healthcare team so that you can make informed decisions at every stage of your journey.

How does it work?

After an initial consultation and in-depth assessment, we’ll put together a plan of action that solves any problems you may be facing, addresses any potential obstacles and teaches you effective communication skills so that you navigate your way through the complicated healthcare maze.

We can help with:

Providing in-depth reports on your medical and medication records.

Researching your symptoms to find answers or to evaluate other possibilities not considered by your medical team.

Preparing detailed, annotated and to-the-point clinical summaries for your medical team. These summaries capture in one document what might otherwise be buried in hundreds of pages of medical records, improving communication with your team and drawing attention to new treatment possibilities.

Conducting medical literature searches that provide you with an individual, well-sourced research report to help you understand your condition and assess every available option.

Communicating with physicians, researchers or institutions anywhere in the world that may be able to help.

Helping you get appointments with the doctors and specialists you would like to see.

Success stories from the other side of the healthcare maze:

Success Stories

We helped when Richard said:

“I’m desperate for help”

Richard had suffered for six years from severe, intractable pain in a specific part of his body. For years, he had been conducting his own research into the cause with no luck. Unfortunately, during this time, he had undergone an unnecessary hip replacement due to a misdiagnosis by an orthopedist.

Even when he sought out surgeons in various states and underwent three other procedures and surgeries, his condition hadn’t alleviated.

By the time he contact us, his condition had deteriorated to the point where he could not bear the thought of a lifetime of pain and he was desperate for help.

Taking a fresh look at Richard’s medical history and research, we managed to uncover the answer by meticulously combing through the footnotes in a journal article: a surgeon who could help Richard, based in his own community.

Although Richard has a long road ahead of him, his pain has already diminished and he has hope for his future once again

We helped when Bonnie said:

“I need help finding the right treatment for my daughter”

When Bonnie’s daughter was diagnosed with a common psychiatric disorder in addition to an incredibly rare syndrome (fewer than 400 cases worldwide), she was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on the internet and unsure of how to make sense of it.

We helped her identify experts who had worked with similar patients and get in contact with them, including the two physicians in Asia who had been the first to recognise and report the syndrome in publication.

Together, we identified what leads were worth pursuing and produced a comprehensive report to back our findings with published, peer-reviewed scientific data.

We helped when Hope’s parents said:

“We need help getting a diagnosis for our daughter”

When she was a young woman, Hope fell ill for a long time with an array of symptoms that never seemed to add up to a concrete diagnosis or result course of treatment from her medical team. After being shuffled from doctor to hospital and back again in search of hope, Hope’s parents knew they needed help getting Hope the care she needed.

As soon as Hope’s parents contacted us, we began to summarize, analyze and research Hope’s long, complicated health history. This expertise provided Hope’s family with a foundation to make informed choices that they could not have made with any of the information they’d received from doctors and medical teams, resulting in better treatment for Hope.

When things improved, Hope’s mother wrote us to say that we had “comforted the heart of this mother throughout a very difficult health journey for my daughter. I am sincerely, forever grateful. Thank you!”

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With Integrative Oncology Expert certification and over 13 years of experience helping hundreds of families, we’re always here to help you get the best course of treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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Patient Navigator LLC does not diagnose, treat clients or recommend a treatment plan. We are not a substitute for the consultation and care of doctors and other health care providers. We provide you with research and information to use with your doctors. Always check with your health care team before making medical decisions.

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