About Us

Patient Navigator is a company dedicated to working with patients and families as they journey through illness and aging.

This blog is dedicated to providing information and guidance on important  health care topics and to help you become an informed healthcare consumer.

Please visit our website for a free consultation if you’re dealing with medical challenges, facing obstacles in the health care system, or lost in a paperwork or insurance maze.

You can read some client testimonials to see how we have helped people.

You can also read our patient stories to see how we have helped when:

  • You need an advocate to solve problems, conquer the medical maze and develop your personal roadmap to recovery.
  • You or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness and you need good information quickly.
  • You feel overwhelmed by information overload or the administrative and insurance burdens of managing your illness.
  • You want a navigator dedicated to coordinating your medical care, getting you the help you need and working with your family.

Patient Navigator LLC – We bring health care and life care together.

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3 Responses to About Us

  1. Joan Georgiou says:

    I read an article about patient navigator in the current issue of Woman’s Day and would like to know more. I am a nurse who has n0t only worked on oncology but also has had “up front personal” with family members with cancer. I am interested in learning more. Thank you joan

  2. Denise Watkins says:

    Hi, I saw your website mentioned in an article in Woman’s Day magazine and would love to find out more about being a navigator. The article also suggested checking with a social worker at my local hospital so that will be my next step. I live in Orange County, California and am hoping that one of the local hospitals here offer training and opportunity for patient navigators. What a great way to give back, so to speak, after your experience with your daughter. Blessings, Denise Watkins

  3. Laurie S Rozgonyi says:

    Hi. I’m a Cancer survivor who is disabled. I have recently become involved in advocacy, & would be interested in becoming a patient navigator. Any info you could give me on the best way to accomplish that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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